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CardSApp is a Cloud Service that provides you and your company with a low-cost service to design, produce and handle lifecycle for simple to very advanced CR80 cards with only visual design or smart card technologies such as magstripe, RFID ( Mifare ), or contact chip technologies where the system prepares the chip for Microsoft mini-driver concept (equal to .Net chips).

The system supports from start Datacard SP55(+) and SP75(+) and will soon support Magicard and Fargo Printers as well.

You can choose between printing and personalizing with your own card printer and only use the service or you can use a Print Center for doing the printing. The services can also be used in combination where big quantitative is printed in the Print Center and lower quantitative is printed in your local printer. Find out what is most cost efficient and convenient for you!

For enrollment, any Canon EOS or webcam can be used.

For other cameras, an upload function can be used.

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